Family Get-together Venue in Coimbatore

Family Get-together Venue in Coimbatore

Family Get-together

Perfect place Family Get-Together Venue in Coimbatore

If you are looking for a Family Get-Together Venue in Coimbatore, Urban Greens is the place you should choose. Would you like to get together with some family or old friends? If you haven't seen your loved ones in a while owing to hectic schedules, a get-together at Urban Greens is the ideal way to reconnect. We provide the ideal setting for wonderful family and friend get-togethers, allowing you to savor those unique moments with the people you care about most!

We have a lovely outdoor setup for ceremonies, with two open halls and seating for up to 600+ chairs. The Main Hall seats over 300+ guests. The Banana Canopy Dining Hall seats over 300+ guests and can be spruced up for any type of celebration, including a wedding, reception, baby shower, naming ceremony, puberty ceremony, etc. for family get-together venue in Coimbatore.

With the Physical space available at Urban Greens, get-togethers can be made fun and exciting by arranging various physical activities which will engage all age groups.

Family Get-together Venue in Coimbatore

A safe and sound environment will allow children to have the best possible time. They will no more be restricted to their four walls. The close-to-nature setting will be bliss to the eyes of the beholder.

A little away from the heavy traffic, the place has a picturesque location. Its idyllic beauty will entice you to come back again and again, for your next family get-togethers.

Urban Green has a marvelous team of staff members and professionals who ensure to take care of all the arrangements beforehand so that you can sit back with ease and bliss. They work hard and strive to fulfill all your expectations and requirements to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. They make sure that your wedding is organized and executed just as you envisioned and dreamt it to be.

  • A professional service staff
  • An in-house catering team
  • Rooms for accommodation
  • Bridal dressing room
  • Decoration services

We Urban Greens look forward to hosting a Family Get-Together Venue in Coimbatore any time of year. Since you've chosen Urban Greens now, all that's left for you to do now is relax and enjoy your festivities.

Urban Greens is the ideal location for a private family gathering. Urban Greens, with its natural and scenic splendor and perspectives, adds a touch of glitz. Urban Greens is the perfect environment for your family reunion, and you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

In addition to this, they can also provide you with access to an inside area of the setting. This space is an ideal amalgamation of the advanced solaces that meet up to enable you to have customary services profoundly established in our tribal social bonds

Family Get-together Venue