Facilities at Urban Green
Coconut Grove

Coco Grove is the main hall with an elevated stage and seating area for about 350 guests at a time with different levels of seating. Open on all sides with large "helicopter" fans silently whipping up and circulating the air, the venue is surprisingly cool and warmly welcoming. The grounds all around are landscaped, neatly paved and dust-free with a seemingly perpetual and gentle breeze keeping you naturally fresh, without the ubiquitous air-conditioning for once!. Of course, the extra-tall and gently sloping rooftop supported with girders and steel pillars play a major role here in not only keeping you safe and secure from the elements but also offering endless opportunities for customizing your decorations in all its splendor.

Banana Canopy

Banana Canopy is a hall from across the Coco Grove, and serves as the dining venue to host your banquet. Whatever be the occasion, an engagement, wedding reception, a Saturday night potluck with friends or a Sunday brunch, serving your food "buffet-style" is the easiest way to effectively serve a large group. Banana Leaf can seat about 200 people comfortably at a time, and space for buffet. There is even a heavy-duty, marble-topped counter which can double as a dessert/soft drinks/coffee/tea/snacks counter. Whether you use the services of an outdoor catering agency or prefer to have your own team cater to the event, the choice is entirely yours. We provide the necessary infrastructure, excluding serving dishes, crockery, cooking vessels and tables. We even offer an outdoor living quarters for your event management team, should you require them to spend the night here to kick-start work, early next morning or take down their paraphernalia from the night before.

The Villa

The Villa is a private residence cozily and elegantly furnished in the right-hand corner of the property, with towering coconut trees seemingly standing sentinel around its perimeter. A stylish veranda leads into a smartly furnished living area, a kitchenette that doubles as a pantry, and two air-conditioned bedrooms. The European-styled bathrooms have a terracotta brick-walled courtyard open to the sky offering fascinating views of sunlight streaming in and live plants growing within while lending a feeling of tranquility and oneness with Mother Nature, naturally! Sloping, multi-level tiled roofs, and manicured gardens make the setting picture-perfect.

Spice Rack

Spice Rack is the full-service area for the kitchen at Urban Greens. Spacious, it also houses a store room and is situated conveniently close to the Banana Canopy yet inconspicuous. A room for staying overnight and/or resting is also thoughtfully provided as well as a washroom for the kitchen staff. The resident caretaker's family quarters are also located nearby, right next to a dormitory for the caterers to refresh themselves, should the need arise.