Corporate Event Venue in Coimbatore

Corporate Event Venue in Coimbatore

Corporate Event Venues

Corporate Event Venue in Coimbatore for fun and organizing team activity

If you are looking for a Corporate Event Venue in Coimbatore, Urban Greens is your one-stop venue to host your function, whether it is a Brand Launch, Expo, Annual Day Functions, Competitions, Association meetings, Networking Events, Discussion.

Forums, Workshops, Conferences, or any other business event. Our open-to-nature halls with 300+ seating capacity are the ideal venue for your event. Our main hall has been aesthetically designed to provide a better audio-visual experience.

We strive to provide you with a magnificent environment that adds value to your brand image and profile.

Urban Greens is an eco-friendly venue suitable for a variety of celebrations and events.

Coorporate Event Venue in Coimbatore

An event manager can provide complete organization, catering, and decoration solutions to make your event memorable. Event managers can use Urban Greens as and nurturing ground for them to try things they never thought of doing. A broad range of services can be implemented like Catering, Light & Sound, Audio Visuals, Stage Design, Project Management, and many more.

We provide a private, and quiet setting for the board and executive-level meetings or roundtable discussions. Hold your board meeting in the main hall, where tables can be set up in a U-shaped configuration for open discussion.

From training sessions or kick-off events to all-day offsite meetings, Urban Greens provides an intimate, unique setting for your team. Hold customer appreciation events in Urban Greens to show your customers how much you appreciate them.

For private parties, luncheon presentations, or larger client dinners, Urban Greens is a gracious and distinctive venue. Our subtle, natural setting provides a distinct backdrop for your chosen theme and setup.

The corporate event venue in Coimbatore is in demand and urban green was set up to provide an elegant and superior banqueting space to cater to the varied requirements of its clients. However big or small team, we endeavor to make each celebration, a grand success. Urban Greens' warm welcoming nature and hospitality make every team come together and have great fun. Due to its outlying position, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this venue has an even higher level of appeal.

When it comes to company employee holiday parties, Urban Greens is a wonderful place to celebrate your team and your achievements. Urban Greens has been elegantly designed for the holiday season to provide just the right holiday ambiance. Ideal for relaxing and/or entertaining sit-down dinners! With no room for mistake, they are known for their reputed customer service which is offered to every celebration with many guests that comes their way.

Coorporate Event Venue