Birthday Party venue in Coimbatore

Birthday Party venue in Coimbatore

Birthday Party venues


If you are looking for a Birthday Party Venue in Coimbatore, Urban Greens can be the answer to it. A birthday is just another candle on the cake for some people. Others see it as a celebration of a well-lived life and a bright future. For the latter, Urban Greens provides a celebration worthy of your accomplishments. Among the many birthday party venues available, Urban Greens stands out for its strategic location, great facilities, and exceptional service.

Urban Greens, located not far from the city, strikes the ideal balance between accessibility and exclusivity. Your family and friends will find it easy to get to your party location, and they will appreciate being away from notoriously congested areas of the city.

Urban Greens also provides a one-of-a-kind event venue. The Main Hall comfortably seats 300+ guests and the dining hall can accommodate 300+ guests and can be dressed up to host any type of celebration, from classy formal dinners to the most outrageous birthday parties.

Birthday Party venue in Coimbatore

The physical space is best suitable for kids to jump and play around. One of the perks of having large open spaces is that the event managers can arrange for animal rides which will excite the kids.

Inflatable slides, Trampolines, Temporary See-Saw, and various other games can be placed which makes Urban Greens a truly impressive birthday venue.
We at Urban Greens want you to have the best celebration possible. You can have various activities like tattoo artist/ face painting, balloon craft, caricature, mug caricature, magician, pottery making, key chain making, nail art, MC/game host/ anchor, Live mascot, puppet show, music Masti, return gifts, hair braiding, kids jewelry making, projector, ball pool, archery, balloon shooting, bouncing Castel. Having fun eats organized like a chocolate fountain, cotton candy, sweet corn, and gola ice will forever remain a great memory.

For every birthday celebrant, Urban Greens is a place where the past meets the future. Because everyone's journey is different, each celebration here is truly one-of-a-kind. Expect an unforgettable gathering with your family and friends, full of laughter and raised glasses—memories you'll remember for years to come.

To guarantee we are one of the greatest at providing Birthday Party Venue in Coimbatore, all our events are fun-filled and grand as you envisage, Urban Green provides a memorable event.

"The area that Urban Greens offer is not simply for kids to play in; it also serves as a playground for event planners to test out unique ideas. In this space, event managers can make their ideas a reality.

Birthday Party venue